This is Waagstein Research

How we make a difference.

Who we are

Waagstein Research was started in 2003 by people with long experience of IT research and business development. This is coupled with extensive experience guiding senior IT and business leaders in large Nordic and global companies to success. Our knowledge and experience put us in a prime position to be able to help companies and organizations maximize the benefits they can gain from tapping into the feedback from their organization.

What we do

We provide independent IT research and analysis to large Nordic organizations and have successfully served clients in a multitude of industries and sectors. Our expertise in benchmarking and our competitive insight provide clients with solutions that transform their IT in order to continuously increase competitiveness and improve efficiency. Our target audience are key stakeholders in IT such as CIOs, financial managers, controllers and general managers.

Where we are

We are incorporated in Sweden under the name of Waagstein Research AB. Our management is based in Gothenburg.


Lars Waagstein

With a background from management positions at Telia and from management consulting at Andersen Consulting, Lars is now the CEO at Waagstein Research.

Peter Waagstein

With a background as senior analyst at the Gartner associated IT research company Market-Visio and product manager at General Electric, Peter is now head of research at Waagstein Research.