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Nothing helps businesses improve like high quality feedback.CIO Pilot gives you the tools you need to listen to your IT stakeholders in a structured way and then translate the findings into more effective decisions. It helps you identify your pain points, provides you with actionable recommendations and guides you to make the right prioritizations.

Unlike strategies and plans based on theoretical underpinnings, our services give you a map of what the terrain looks like in reality, which is especially important before and during major transformations.

What is CIO Pilot?

CIO Pilot uses feedback from your IT stakeholders to make your corporate IT more competitive and agile. It surveys your Business Leaders, IT Leaders, IT Users and IT Staff and compares the results to a database of other large Nordic companies. We evaluate how well your organization collaborates to reach your business goals.

What makes you unique?

Our method gives you the opportunity to continuously optimize your IT strategy and tactics based on the knowledge and experience of your stakeholders. Benchmarking ensures that your results are interpreted correctly and allows you to quickly identify the real pain points.

How long time will it take to get results?

CIO Pilot has been developed to give you quick results. From survey start you will have the results within four weeks.

How does your no-risk guarantee work?

We have a no-fuss guarantee. Waagstein Research’s policy is that our customers become 100% satisfied. In accordance with this the client has the right to, without our consent, to make price deductions if we do not fulfill this policy.

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