CIO Pilot

Nothing helps businesses improve like high quality feedback.

Our method gives you the tools you need to listen to your IT stakeholders in a structured way and then translate the findings into more effective decisions.

CIO Pilot:

  • Helps you identify your pain points
  • Provides you with actionable recommendations
  • Guides you to make the right prioritizations

Our research shows that the average Nordic organization spends 44% more on IT while achieving 27% less value from IT compared to the top quarter organizations.

IT leaders deal with the challenge of constantly managing rapidly changing business requirements while maintaining a competitive cost level. This requires strong governance of the performance of IT resources. CIO Pilot will enable you to achieve this.

CIO Pilot gives you recommendations on how to improve. It is a cost and resource efficient assessment of your IT performance which puts it in relation to our comprehensive benchmark database of large Nordic companies.

Unlike strategies and plans based on theoretical underpinnings, our services give you a map of what the terrain looks like in reality, which is especially important before and during major transformations.

Real results

Performance benchmarking is a powerful tool which properly used is proven to reduce cost and improve value.

Based on our over fifteen years of experience, we have found that organizations which on a regular basis have participated in our benchmarking studies show strong improvements against the industry average.

In general, the longer an organization has participated in the benchmark, the lower the costs and the greater the value it has been able to achieve.

Key Benefits

  • Balanced approach: Surveys of both business and IT enable a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s real challenges.
  • Efficient: The method gives you rapid results and requires limited resources from your organization.
  • Track performance: Benchmarking put your results in a relevant context and allows you to track your performance relative to other organizations instead of against static goals.
  • Actionable: Your results are actionable with recommendations and goals that are easy to follow up on.
  • Nordic benchmark: You will compare yourself to other Nordic organizations that are operating under similar conditions to yours.
  • Developed with participants: Changes and additions to the benchmark study are based on the feedback from participating organizations.
  • Interactive client portal: Results are presented on our client portal where it is compared against the benchmark database.


Waagstein Research has since 2003 provided independent IT research and analysis to large Nordic organizations and have successfully served clients in multiple industries and sectors.

Our expertise in benchmarking and our competitive insight provide clients with solutions that transform their IT in order to continuously increase competitiveness and improve efficiency.

The target audience for CIO Pilot are key stakeholders in IT such as CIOs, financial managers, controllers and general managers.

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