CIO Pilot - IT Users Survey

Our IT users survey measures how satisfied your IT users are compared to other Nordic companies and suggests ways to increase their satisfaction. The result will help you to improve collaboration and understanding between IT and the business. You will:

  • Find out what problems are holding you back
  • Get practical advice on how to solve them
  • Show you how to prioritize your actions for the best results

The survey results show you the reality of your situation. We don’t just give you theories and plans, we show you what works in the real world.

Our Approach

  • Efficient: Our method gives you rapid results and requires limited resources from your organization.
  • Track your performance: Benchmarking puts your results in a relevant context and allows you to track your performance relative to other organizations instead of against static goals.
  • Actionable: Your results will give you actionable advice goals that are easy to follow up on.
  • Nordic benchmark: You will compare yourself to other Nordic organizations that are operating under similar conditions to yours.
  • We listen to our participants: We continuously update and improve the survey and our deliverables based on what the participating organizations tell us.
  • Interactive client portal: Results are presented on our client portal where they are compared against the benchmark database.


The survey covers six key areas:

  • 1. Service desk
  • 2. Business-specific Systems & Applications
  • 3. General IT Tools
  • 4. Remote & Mobile Working
  • 5. Collaboration & Communication Tools
  • 6. Information & Communication


Data is collected by means of web surveys sent via email to your IT users. You provide us with a list of the survey participants. From there we manage the process of sending out survey invitations and handling reminders to achieve the best response rate.

Client Portal

You can see your results on our client portal and compare them with our benchmarks. Our experts will advise you on how to improve based on your results. You can also join us in a presentation session and get answers to any questions you have.

All individual data of the participating organizations is guaranteed confidentiality.

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